I am moving in. Basicly this will be my playground until I perfect my looks a little bit with this site, using pjax for only load parts of the page without using iframes, for prober bookmarking and extrem fast loading when you change pages on the site, I plan see how far I can go without using too much server side includes, though there will be some things hosted on another server of mine, since i also plan run a real blog here, and i simply dislike all Static Site Generators, having to wait for page is created this will be a no go for me, so part of this page, when I have my INDEX page up amd running some data will be fetched using little json script from an sqlite database hosted on another server. I will try keep server side to absolut minimum, also i reliy a lot on javascript, since many things i used to do in PHP espesially including header and footers html will be done in JS, feel free RIP anything from here ;)