nathan webpage

soon to put new drawings
i am excited to screed my bike make stunts a also practice at home
and drfit the bike
and also bike to the school and screed the bike a practice some new stunts
coler for my bike is bule and jump the bike
and down hill and back up
and back to the jumpin
fabio is colllist biker
doin buny hops
and tricks
bike and screed and get redy

and getin a new bike and screed and do jumps

but i imagine me and hatchi bikein two together it makes it easy cos she comfy and make the bike cool and put and bmx and learn new tricks on the bike
and practice some new cool tricks but i all so want go a shop and eat some food in the shop and go and a slurpe shop and after i am gona bike
and go offroad and go uphill and back downhil and back up and after go home
and tmorrow go to another shop

i am gona bike to and other shop an ice cream and bike to other shop
and go to foressa and go up the hills and back downhill and allso back offroad
and back up but wona rest ill try relakes and after i am gona screed and practice some new tirks at home like a buny hop
like fabio wibmer at home and back to screedin and buny hops and practice
and a tail whip on the bmx
and back uphill
and back downhill and practice and go more far
in the mountain

and up and down and side to side also this is not only pictures is all so drawings
and in the future maybe all so have one of my favorite games it will come soon
click here on this picture the picture of kirbe and a link to fabio wibmer the biker
and he is the the most colllist biker

click on this pic in space

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see this dog over here the dogs name is hachi try put your mouse on hachi and try click the botons near hachi . hey upgrade evrey friday thers a update if not i forgot new stuff friday hey ill put my link form my youtube guys if you want to go to my youtube chanel go to youtube a search
now put what i need to draw put a comment so i can draw a put it thats it for now hey guys i have some thing to say chek out my youtube pleass sub to my chanel